Monday, October 11, 2010

edible fun: jelly painting

School holidays are over :( I never get to do all the things I have planned but I think these holidays were good anyway.

Our last week of holidays and it was still raining and my cherubs were really driving each other up the wall and so I bit the bullet and did a painting experience I have wanted to do for ages but thought it might get out of hand very quickly... Its smelly ( in a good way), tasty, and has the potential to be really really messy.

Jelly Painting

I have seen heaps of blogs about Kool Aid (whatever that is) painting and figured it must be something like Jelly Crystals ( no? enlighten me! Or better still, send us some!!) and so thats what I went with.

I added water to jelly crystals... and more water.. and more water... and more water. These things soak it up! ( Umm yeah I knew that)
It became like a really funny glue consistency, thick and grainy. I didnt tell them what it was, they didnt see me make it so I wanted them to use it as paint before they worked out what it was.
I got them all sitting at the table and gave them all some paper and pots of "paint". Jared commented that it smelt funny.
Amahli and Jumeirah didnt care, they just wanted to create.

After about 10 minutes of painting with this strange Mumma made paint, I asked Jumeirah to stick her tongue out. She looked at me and I came at her with a loaded brush, to which she squealed and back away.

I told them to smell it and work out what it was, that it wasnt real paint.
And then squeal comes " ITS JELLY!!"
Amahli, always up to try something, sticks her fingers into it and straight into the mouth. From then, she ate most of two pots of jelly paint.

Jared, sniffs a bit more, then lets me paint his tongue too. "IT IS JELLY! But no more Mum" comes his comment. He couldnt really handle me using a paintbrush on his tongue. In his eyes, its just not right :)

I really enjoyed this painting.. it smells nice, its different to work with, and the texture is unusual.
The final results were all over the place, all three of them did multiple pages, enjoying something different to paint with.


  1. Kool Aid is a drink mix that you add sugar and water to. They have a ton of flavors. I am going to send you some. :-) Anything else you may want from the states? Seriously. I am going to do it, so you might as well let me know what you want.

    The kids look like they had a blast. What are jelly crystals?

  2. We take Kool Aid for granted around here:) This looks like great fun! I am with Kim - what are Jelly crystals?

  3. Does Jelly crystals = Jello mixture?

  4. You beat me too this! i too am envious of american kool aid and stocked up on jelly cyrstals to make scratch and sniff paintings but havent had time yet! Did the paintings end up being scratch and sniff?

  5. Hi girls! thanks for the comments :)

    @kim: I would love some Kool Aid! Im going to send you some jelly crystals in return... how fun would it be to do a swap?? or you come just come over ;) I am dead keen on coming to the states sometime, there is a shop I see on facebook all the time that sells AWESOME kids stuff but they cant post it to me :( might just come and see you on the way ;)

    @ Deborah: thanks for posting me on facebook! I know when you have been around as my ticker thing goes through the roof :)
    I think jelly crystals are the same thing as your jello?? maybe?? will wait till i can find some and let you know :)

    @ Kate: i didnt check for scratch and sniff ability... we ended up eating way too much of it and the smell was rather strong and so we...ummmm.. "recycled" them to the bin :)

  6. @ Rhonda: Im still trying to find that out!

  7. rines, i believe kool aid is kinda like cordial

    oh and yeah, they call our jelly's a brand name thing