Thursday, October 14, 2010

reversible skirt/ super cake/HOLIDAY TIME!

Ive achieved a lot today...actually I am a little bit proud of myself really :)

Tomorrow we are off to see my folks and siblings to celebrate my Dad turning 60 last week. We are having a little party, in black and white theme, and some beach fun with all my gang.
I, of course, got way out of hand with ideas and things to do for this little shin dig... making black and white outfits, cake making, cupcake decorating.. stupid brain goes into over drive when things like this happen.
Funnily enough, some things in the brain got out and actually worked!
I found the cutest pattern for a reversible skirt for the girls and decided to have a go. Now, I know you think I am lying but I really cant sew very well.Mostly its just sheer determination that gets me through.
With this skirt, its so easy, you dont need anything but about half and hour, some fabric and bias binding. Easiest skirt I have EVER made. That includes the 20 minutes skirt I can whip up. NO JOKE!.

Black on the inside...

Flick it around and whites on the inside!

I love how these turned out! Maybe I will make one for me too! I then tackled the other major party project I wanted to do... Dads cake. I love to cook, and, much like my sewing, often it doesnt happen but for sheer willpower and tears. I bought a Wilton cake tin (thought I would make it easier on myself) and made a chocolate fudge cake. First mistake, I filled the cake tin up too much and had it dripping all through the oven and then burning so I had to bail some out ( imade 9 full sized cupcakes with the bailed out bit). It ended up ok, I then had a quick piping lesson from Dad in law ( a chef), chucked all kids in bed, and began to decorate this masterpiece. It too, has turned out ok!

Amahli and Jared helped with the cake for a little while but they were happier playing in the rocket I scored in Big W for $15!! Bargain.

So now, whilst I am exhausted, everything is done :)
I wont be in here for a week now, Mum and Dad are comnig to visit for the week and we have STACKS of cool stuff planned... but whilst they are here I am unplugging myself from this computer and having some time off myself :)
Dont leave me and not come back though...... theres heaps of archives to find some awesome activities for your beauties to do PLUS! the giveaway is ready to go! Its even in a post bag so all I have to do is address it :) So, until Monday 25th, see ya later!


  1. I can't believe your Dad is 60!!! Wish him a super happy birthday from me! The guitar cake is so appropriate!! You are awesome Karina! xo

  2. Hi, I'm your newest follower - great blog! I was just looking for ideas for keeping my kiddos entertained indoors during the winter - and found some - thanks!

  3. Hi Karina, so impressed with the skirt you made. Could you post the details so I could find the pattern? thanks, Debbie xox