Tuesday, June 22, 2010

cornflour paint turned to body art :)

Seems I was a little over zealous with my art creations.. still we had such a great time I dont think anyone really minded :)

The day dawned in the most perfect winter-in-Australia day... crisp morning but very quickly turned into the most glorious outdoorsy day. The littles were absolutely determined to get as much time out there as possible so we set up a few things and I made up some cool cornflour paint to use on the fence.

I made this paint up at christmas time and loved it so was happy when it was well receieved again.
Its a mix of cornflour and cold water, with food colouring added to it. It paints smooth and creamy, and dries like chalk. Its a great paint to use for outdoors and its really vibrant.

We started off painting the wall. Both kids were happy to create there, crossed eye brows and serious expressions showed they were both working hard and concentrating.

Amahli experimented with trying to do some hand printing but it dried to quickly on her hand to do this.

Dont know what happened to this photo.. colour is all wrong

Jared was done after about 20 minutes ( a record for him!) but Amahli was still happy painting. She then decided to move her painting to the upturned clam shell we use for a sand/water pit and began painting that.

Flick painting on the clam shell

And then, in quick motion, she had stripped and was painting herself. I joined her :) ( in the painting, not the stripping although I was very tempted)

She was the most marvellous canvas :) Between the three of us she was absolutely covered head to toe in gorgeous paint. Jared had a go with me to decorate her back in "flick painting" and she giggled all through it.

I must admit, it was incredibly fun.
Soon after, we hit the bath and scrubbed her down as much as we could. Food colouring does stain for a few days so I am glad we didnt use red! Would have looked really bad, more like I'd whipped her with a cat-o-nine tails.

Body painting is such a fun sensory activity, and whilst it is messy, its also great for body awareness, and simply enjoying the sensation of paint on skin.

Try it!!


  1. Looks like you guys had a ton of fun. I was just giggling to myself trying to picture Jared getting his tummy painted. He would hate that, wouldn't he? Amahli is definitely going to be your messy, creative one. :-)

  2. yup totally got that right! should have seen his face when amahli was covered, little nose wrinkled up... looked so funny.
    I am so glad I got one messy one!! Jumeirah is creative but not really into messy unless its controlled :)

    Missin your blog tho :(

  3. That looks like fabulous fun. I wish I was as a relaxed mum as you!! xo