Friday, June 18, 2010

Photo bliss

Rainbow Beach

Earlier tonight, I posted a link to a website that was offering an awesome prize, $100 gift voucher to spend on some awesome products.

Its being offered over at Moms with Cameras, the voucher is for the website Paint the Moon.

I discovered Paint the Moon a little while ago. Its got the most fantastic range of "actions" and tones to use when editing your photos. Now, I am not really into "editing" my photos very much. I like the way I take photos and have worked pretty hard to try and get it right through the lens, rather than fiddle too much in Photoshop. ( not to say I dont like others who do it, I am just not very good at the editing part!)
But I had a bloggy friend write about the website, and found out that she has HEAPS of free things to try out and so I got some cool freebies and have fallen in love :)

Its not something I use on every photo, but sometimes I like to muck around with the colour and tones of a photo to see the different results I can get. Somtimes the results are subtle, other times you can totally change the mood of a photo.
Heres a photo from todays adventures: the original, and then run through a few things from Paint the Moon.

Sunny Days

Vanilla Pop

Strawberries and Cream

Its something you should definitely add to your photoshop to try out yourself!!
I would love to see how yours turn out :)

Today was a "kick your shoes off, wiggle your toes in the sand and sunshine" kinda day as we headed out to Rainbow Beach for our family day ( daddy goes back to work next week so we made the most of one last day) .

We collected shells....
Walked hand in hand

we climbed rocks and thought we were very clever......

performed shows......

walked on daddys shadow....

drew around our own shadows.....
had "moments" that a photo just cant really capture...

There is absolutely NO photos of Jared that were any decent, hes avoiding me and my black face mask :) Its ok, I'll get him tomorrow :)

Happy weekending!!

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