Thursday, June 17, 2010

whats on the shelf?

What the shelf looks like before the attack...

Today dawned cold and bleak, lovely wintery weather. Jumeirah asked why she was going to school so early, when actually it was almost 9am! One of those rug up or stay in bed days :)

Unfortunately, life with three children doesnt really allow for such luxuries as staying in bed all day so I got up and set off to find something to do.
As this whole week is set to be gloomy and indoorsy, we decided to fix up the activity shelf.
Years ago, when it was just Jumeirah and me, she had free reign to all her toys. Anytime, any place, she could get anything and EVERYTHING out. Which she did. Often. Leading me to spend days searching for missing pieces, and nights trying to sort out toys to be put back with their own families. It was frustrating and not only that, I found she got bored, even having the ability to play with everything.
So, once I had two kids, I set up a system that worked and still works now.
I bought a cheap shelving system and only a selection of toys and activities go on it each week. I found this way, not only do I not have to sort copious amounts of toys out, they can pack it up themselves as its not too much to deal with. And having something for only a week and then getting packed away for awhile makes it more exciting when it finally comes back out again. Its still a free choice chelf, they can pick and choose as they like.
And so I packed away the shelf things and got some new ones out, with the help of Jared and Amahli.
Jared really wanted the gears out. This is such a great building/ cause and effect activity. Both he and Amahli sat for ages, connecting the gears and spinning them. I love the rainbows :)

Books are always on the shelf but I invested in some new ones this week so they were popular today too.
I found these treasures for $3 (! yes its a bargain!) in Target.

Two I bought are eye spy style books, with facts on transport, but also lots of interseting tiny detail to pore over. Jared and I played "Who can find..." for ages.

I bought this one for Jumeirah, "Why do I wash my hands?" as she constantly needs reminding to stop and do it.

She has way too much going on in her brain and needs to get to the next thing fast so she forgets. This book showed her the facts on germs and other nasties so she really understand why its important. She loved getting into the details of this book, she has such a love to KNOW why, how, where and when of everything. I also found one called " Why do I run?" which shows how the body works in excerise. Shes been mad keen on healthy eating and excerise lately, wanting to get fit and strong so she can race daddy.

We also have a few puzzles, some letter boards, and big transport vehicles. Its still a big hit in our family, the two littles love playing with trucks and cars. Last week I did something crazy and let them play with the sandpit INSIDE ( who does that??!) with their little diggers and they absolutely loved it. So they asked for it again and I relented, knowing that enjoyment sometimes needs to come ahead of the mess factor... :)

This afternoon, having 5 seconds of alone time with Jared, he spotted Jumeirahs city picture and wanted to make a city too. He wasnt keen on drawing it, so we got out the scissors and I drew him some shapes to cut out. Hes getting pretty good at this, just needs to practise a bit more :)

He cut quite a few out, then also made some "grass" and we glued it down. He also drew a big sun and said "Its a day, Mum!"

And whilst I had scissors in my hands, I snipped some more golden locks from this gorgeous boy, who was looking a bit mad professorish, but now looks like a handsome man again :)

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