Tuesday, June 1, 2010

matching shapes: rockets.

Dont know why we have this cute little cats butt mouth thing happening but man, hes gorgeous :)

Check it out!! We have bean shoots!! I was absolutely stunned to see this little shoot poking out of the ground this morning.

We have also been excited by the tiny buds that have been coming up from our "egg plants". Tiny purple flowers have shown their beautiful faces this week as well to the delight of Jumeirah :) I just love taking their photos and wishing for a macro lens.... one day, one day

I made the decision to have a great day today :)

I find so often, my day starts in a mad rush, I dont actually get the time to ease into the day and thus, I often start it with the wrong attitude. Today, I wanted to see the difference a change of 'tude made....
We had breakfast together, chatting about our day to come, me and the littles planning, Jumeirah talking about the things she was going to do at school.
School run was a bit crazy, but we got home and headed straight outside to play. The littles were a bit surprised, normally I head straight to cleaning, but today was their day so we headed for the trampoline and had a great time.

These two are such great mates. I was worried that without Jumeirah, they would have trouble playing together as she is really the middle man in play, but they absolutely love each other.
I am truly blessed with kids get on so well, most of the time :)

I left them to play for a bit, cleaned the kitchen and vacuumed. They came to find me and I showed them the cool rocket we were going to make out of shapes ( similar to the digger of last week). I wanted to do this type of activity again as Jared really loved it.

So I set them both up and they started to glue and match. Amahli has a very concentrated time but really enjoyed gluing and pasting not only the page but her hands as well :)

Jared absolutely loved doing this and kept telling me " look Mum, I did it!" I love watching him, mastering new skills, realising he is clever and able to do tricky things, growing and learning and having fun :)

They helped me tidy after a snooze, packing toys away, picking up clothes, jumping on making the bed.
Then we boogied till we had to pick up Jumeirah, and came back home to play some more. Somewhere in there, I got the floors mopped and dinner was on the table when daddy walked in the door.
Such a better day... now if only I could work out how to keep this little bubble of happiness going, my week will be a breeze!

And speaking of breeze... heres our little salt dough creations of yesterday swinging in the air :)