Wednesday, June 9, 2010

easy birthday bunting

Mucking around with the hipstermatic app on the iphone :)

ahh the best laid plans... looks like the trip hubbin was going on the Bali is now not happening, two days before he leaves :(

Dissapointed over here today....

So I packed up tweedle dee and tweedle dum and headed to the beach :)

What is it about this place? Is is the power of crashing waves? The sound of only roaring ocean, giggly kids and gulls that give the sense of peace? Calm colours of blue, teal, yellow and white? Yes it is :) Its also the wonderful fresh air that seeps into lungs and bones and also the mind, refreshing and re energising.. I love it here.

I have been on a mad stitchy-fest lately...which is nice because I lost it for a bit in there... projects that fail sometimes cause me to throw the damn machine out the window walk away from it for awhile.

i have a little friend who turns 1 next week and is having a party over the weekend. I wanted to make him a nice birthday banner to hang up at the party. So I found this awesome army style fabric left over from something I must have made Jared and got to work.

I cut out triangle shape ( with a square top end) and also cut his name out of stiff felt. This I did by find a cool font on the computer and typing it out. Each letter is stitched onto one triangle.

Then, pinning two triangles together rights sides together, stitch along all but the top, and tehn turn the right side out. I turned each letter into a flag. I added some plain blue flags to each end and also had them alternating along the letters.

Then using black fabric I made a simple casing by folding it on half and half again ( it would have been easier to buy some binding but no time or cash for shopping trips at the moment!) I attached each letter side by side and into the middle of the casing.

I LOVE how this turned out :) Its cute but really boyish and perfect for a decoration for a party!
Just now need to make more for my own kids! ( I did make something similar for Amahlis birthday but it didnt turn out nearly as well as this one, of course)

Once this little project worked so well I also continued to conquer the fear of the the graet stitchy monster when Jumeirah came to me on Sunday night saying she needed a green skirt for environment day ON MONDAY. Good one, kiddo.

So we found a whole heap of green stuff in my stash.

I made a pattern for a panel skirt ages ago and it works really well. the panel I cut out looks like this: ( for a 5 yr old the measurements are 11cms across the top, 38 cms long and 14 cms across the bottom)

trace this onto 8 pieces of fabric.

Join the panels together in whatever order you like, keep it in a straight row to do the hem.

Fold over the hem and sew.

Sew last two sides together.

Fold over the top to make a casing for the elastic. ( for this skirt I made a casing separately and attached it but folding over is much easier)

Insert elastic and measure the waist of child.

Stitch elastic together and casing closed.

Its done!

One environmentally happy child :)


  1. I love the beach pics. I am going to have to send you some forest shots, but they will not be the same as beach shots. Nothing is the same as the beach. The skirt looks really cute.

  2. would love to see some forest shots! its ALMOST as good as a beach ;)