Thursday, June 24, 2010

photo fun/ simple stuff

Today was a simple day.... a photo-y day....

I have ben mucking around more with my camera lately, someone else in my family is about to outdo me in the camera/lens state and its made me look harder at how I take photos. Luckily I have semi willing subjects ( except for Jared) and today the littles were content on playing their own games, which left me to click away happily for a little while..
I have taken a whole heap of Jumeirahs cartwheels at the moment, at her request as she wanted to see what she looked like. I set the camera to a spotrs mode so it takes lots of photos in succession. I then used Picnik to stitch them together so she could see how cool she looks flying through the air :)

If you have a camera that allows you to do this, I totally recommend it. We had such fun looking through the photos and realising how many muscles moved, how strong her arms are getting to be able to hold her up, and the funny positions her legs got into.

Amahli, never to be missed out, did her own flying air trick too, which I captured.

So, instead of heaps of words, here is my day in photo fun :)

We played with a small world of pets. (I love small world play!!) ( lots more of it coming up)

Deefer dog became kennel trained by leading dog hypnotist, Amahli.

We watched madame Bean Sprout sing and dance her opera in the wind ( seriously, does this not look like some awesome performer??)

We pulled the ultimate "cheese" photo

I again wished I had a macro camera lens but enjoyed taking the centre of our new flowers.

And Jumeirah and I had a great chat about where meat comes from as she is beginning to want to prepare more at dinner with me. Tonight she made the chicken kebabs ( after much talk about NOT touching her mouth while she does it) incredibly precisely and is really enjoying being allowed this task of preparing raw meat.

Its fairly benign looking, but then I cant handle bones and things myself so I think she is doing really well!!

I also decided to bite the bullet and put my Peek a Boo bags up for sale on Made It, an Australian hand made website ( kinda like Etsy but no where near as cool. ) See how we go!

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