Thursday, February 4, 2010

Blue: taking it back to the beginning

Have decided I need to go back to the start with my two little ones.... basic colour, shapes, numbers.... As I have had Jumeirah as my starting point for most crafts ( shes always the most keen) I normally adapt her craft to them. So whilst she is now at school, I am going to start with what they are at for a change!

Today, I started with the colour Blue. Blue collage, blue glue, blue paint, blue paper for cutting. Jared pretty much knows his colours but sometimes gets muddled so this was a nice simple colour for him and a beginning point for little miss too.

Both were keen and Jared began with pasting blue buttons all over his page. " Look its raining!" was his happy cry which was pretty exciting as its normally been slap-slap-stick-and-Im-done-mum. This is a great stage when pictures come to life for them and I spend the rest of the day trying to work out which way up was :)

Amahli, ever the keen bodypainter ( she'll be my first to get a tattoo for sure) was happy to cover herself mostly, but then discovered the blue feathers and pointed to a piece of paper and began to stick things on too. I watched as she picked out specific things for her page. Another crafty little one, help! Luckily I can go back and redo things from my blog :)

Once finished these masterpieces, I got out the blue paint which I had in three different shades. Jared began with "a whale" where the paintbrush chased the end of the whale around the page. Amahli is into stripes and was happy doing that across the page and beyond.... the rest of the table, Jared, the chair.... lucky for her it comes off easily :)
I put their art on the wall with a blue background which Jared was absolutely thrilled with and flew into Daddy to show him when he got home. Such a proud little moment :)

Also today, Jared really wanted to play a game. Since christmas when we got some new ones from Santa and and the like, Jumeirah has been totally taken with a game before bed and she is really getting the hang of not only how to play the games, but also how to cope when she doesnt win ( which is rare, I might add, she kills me in Guess who and Pictionary). Jared has been very interested and played some of them with us. Today he wanted to play pictionary with me. Its a disney version so its not too hard, but seeing as he cant read I had to tell him what to draw for me to guess....hmmmmm.... ok lets see how this works.

Funniest game I have ever played, though I tried not to laugh. I cant draw and neither can he as yet, so everything I drew apparently looked like Thomas the tank engine. But the funniest part was when Jumeirah came home and helped him, so I had no idea what he was drawing. He spent ages drawing a picture, Jumeirah trying to give me clues, whilst I kept guessing away. Finally he threw down the pen, raced to the video shelf and pulled out 'the little mermaid'.


Oh, I totally was going to guess that ;)

What games do your kids love?

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  1. HEE HEE! Even with big sis' help, he couldn't get Mum to guess?! I LOVE IT! You know I used that "Guess Who" game in my classes. I taught them adjectives in a unit called "faces" - wide set eyes, close set eyes, mustache, beard, etc. Then I'd give them a photo (from Guess Who) and they had to write out descriptions. It was NOT easy (these were not native English speakers)!