Tuesday, February 9, 2010

painting to music

Happy Birthday beautiful boy

Its well known here that my kids love music. Its in their blood. Both parents are singers, both of us have been in music teams and an acapella singing group. I have played a variety of instruments, my dad plays guitar, my mum and sister both sing, both of them also have played the flute. So it doesnt surprise me that my kids cant sit still when music is on.

Yesterday, whilst we were painting in the afternoon, I noticed something interesting. We were listening to the soundtrack to " Polar Express" ( an emtreme favourite in this place, particularly Jared) and Jared was painting using his paint brush as a train in time with the music. It was funny to watch but I thought that maybe we would explore this a bit more.

This morning I put on some classical music, a cd that has a few exerpts from famous ballets. I gave Jared a paint brush and he began to paint. Completely in time with the music, when it was slow he painted big circles and long wavy lines, when it was short and sharp notes he painted dots. He actually didnt really need paint to do this as he was more keen to explore the music rather than create a picture. He stopped in the middle and decided to change to textas to do this as it gave him a longer time before he had to change pages and get more paint.

Amahli was set up too to paint but was happier dancing :) Once I stopped the music, I sat her beside me and she began to paint.

Thought I would test her out too and began to say "boing, boing, boing" like I was bouncing. And funnily enough, she giggled and began to "boing" her paint brush :) The slower I said it. the less spots on the page. The faster it was said, the more giggles and crazy spots appeared!

Thought I would also show you the fantastic cake I made for Jared over the weekend :) So much easier than my lovely nephews truck cake :) ITs from the same cook book as the dump truck, the Family Circle best ever kids cake book.

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  1. Karina - do you have Disney's Fantasia? That would be a great DVD for your buddings musical artists! I LOVE THE CAKE!