Friday, February 19, 2010

"J" activities

I read a whole heap of other blogs and funnily today most of them were about their little boys getting the first haircuts and losing that "baby boy " and bringing home a "boy boy". Luckily for me, this little guy has such awesome curls on the top of his head it stays out of his eyes and I just cut the sides so its a little boy rather than a girl. Hes got a classic surfer/cool but still my little boy haircut :) LOVE :)

Sticking with the sand-love idea, I put out today a small tray ( one that neither of them can climb into) on a table and added some sand and water so it was firm wet sand ( too much water makes it spashable :) ). This makes for a great consistency for drawing in. I drew a "J" in the sand and Jared exclaimed " its Jared!" and began to trace his finger over the J.

I encouraged him to trace from top to bottom but really it was more for beginning to recognise the letter first. He then found a lid and decorated around it with circles.

I also printed him off a "J" from the computer. Tracing fonts are everywhere on the computer and most are free. I found this font that is the same as the fonts they learn at school here in Australia. Its called NSW Foundation font.

He traced down the J with a crayon and then wanted to make it fancy so I told him we had to find something in the cupboard that started with a J. To his absolute delight, we found some JELLY!!! (Jareds favourite thing in the world is Jelly). We got some glue and pasted the J and then sprinkled the jelly crystals on the glue. It smelt delicious and, of course, required some taste testing. YUMMMM.

Jumping Jelly spots

Amahli wasnt keen ( I KNOW! I nearly fell over myself) to paste today as she had found something that totally engrossed her. I have found this marble activity all over blogs on the net and decided to try it this morning. It requires a suction mat ( ours is a bath toy) some marbles and some tongs.

The aim is for the child to use the tongs to pick up and place marbles in each of the suctions. It takes a lot of concentration, patience and hand eye coordination so its a great activity to do thats quiet and engaging. Jared loved doing this and again was a crane with a claw and carefully picked up marbles and decided where he should put them on the suction mat.

Amahli couldnt quite work the tongs but used her fingers to pick up each marble and place it in the suction cups. She was so involved in this she didnt even notice the sand or jelly!

Good activity that one :)

Anyone else got an activity that has worked well this week?

Happy weekend!!

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