Wednesday, February 17, 2010

giggle and hoot : writing letters

Through their young lives, I have been teaching and instilling life lessons to my young tribe. One lesson, I find, is much harder and something I am still learning myself. Its PATIENCE. And not just any old patience, its MAILBOX PATIENCE.

You know the one... waiting for the all important letter, an invite, a response to sending your own letter, a pressie, or if you are my kids, JUNK MAIL. You hover near the front door, waiting for that sweet motor bike sound, go bounding out the door like horses on Melbourne Cup Day, only to find todays not the day. And you have to try and wait until tomorrow...

We even love letters from the Dentist :)

Well my kids love the postman and all he brings. As my parents live overseas, they sometimes send my kids letters or postcards with stickers inside. Its incredibly exciting for all of us, and I have been explaining how the letters we get from Ma and Pa have travelled a loooong way to get to us.

Ever since our Christmas card swap at Christmas time, Jumeirah has been more obsessed with the mail box. Last week she was watching a show called "giggle and hoot" and the presenter asked for children to write a letter or draw a picture for their Art Gallery, and not only that, they would send a letter back!!

Jimmy Giggle and Hoot the owl
So off she trotted to draw a great picture for them.

Once drawn, she wrote down the address and we set off to the mail box in town to mail it. I gave her some money and showed her how to buy a stamp, explaining why that was done. We then posted it off and she read on the mail box when it should be delivered to them.

Apparently they should get it today. And so I know that from tomorrow, shes going to be waiting for their response.

The brilliant thing about Giggle and Hoot is that on their website they have a section where you can print off your own Giggle and Hoot certificate that says thanks for sending them a letter, and they also have a short video thanking you for doing a picture for them :) And so I have printed one off for her and mailed it today. And so even if you dont live in Australia, you too can draw a picture and send it and get a response :)


  1. i dont no how to send my art gallery picture

  2. i did a art gallery picture for giggle and hoot but it wont tell me what there detales are

  3. i want to send a pitcher and a litter in.buti cant find the detales

  4. my daughter has a picture she wants to send to giggle and hoot. can anyone tell me the address?

  5. check this web site, by boy loves it.

  6. the address is Giggle and Hoot, ABC TV GPO Box 9994, Sydney 2001.