Monday, February 1, 2010

birthday fun

Happy Birthday Jared!

Today my gorgeous middle, my lovely boy, turned 3. And yes, I can totally still remember him being born :) Does that ever fade???
I have been beating myself up alot about this little guy lately.. I seemed to somehow have gotten so caught up in everything else, I hadnt really done much for his birthday. Yes, I know hes only 3 and wont remember it, but I remember it. And he means he absolute world to me and I want him to know that.

Handmade love from a wonderful big sister

Lately hes been totally superhero mad... towels, baby wraps, anything and everything has been used to make capes for him to "rescue" in. And so, I got on the net and found this fantastic little cape at Puking Pastilles that was really easy (yup so easy I got it right the first time!!! For the first time!!!) and its also reversible. Total bonus :)

Super baby.. able to climb tall lounges with a single leg, a scream, and a big sister hoist

And, as it normally happens, this week hes into Thomas again. But at least Amahli loves it :) And when he decides its time to rescue again, he'll be ready.

I got some activities out so that he would be more aware that it was actually his birthday and not some other random boring day. Once Jumeirah was at school, we began.

First up, I drew a huge cake on some paper and he got to work pasting and painting it. He wasnt as keen today with this one but that was probably more to do with Amahlis ability to get covered in it almost instantly, which kinda put him off a bit.

Yup its paint, but not just any paint. Its glue paint. GREAT

He did finish his cake and was quite proud to show Jumeirah when she got home. She ( is her gorgeous big sister way) was just beautiful and exclaimed " thats the best cake you've never done!!" Oh how I love :)

We also made some cupcakes which he loved helping to make, taste testing at every step, telling me to be careful in pouring in the mixture, giving Amahli a spoon to tast herself ( yup more mess for her).

Nothing beats the beater

The bonus for him was that the packet had Thomas the tank engine edible things to stick on the top so he was very happy :) In fact, he didnt actually eat any cake, he just ate all the images.

All in all, he had a great day. And I have decided that he knows how awesome I think he is, and he knows how loved he is too. And so I will ease up on myself and realise that I am not supermum all the time but Im doing the best I can.

Maybe its time to make a bigger cape ;)

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  1. You are an AWESOME mum - to even BOTHER with all you do is amazing! You've got to be keeping a book of Amahli with all the goo on her - how fun to show her first boyfriend when he comes over for the first time - tee hee!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY JARED! What a beautiful young man you are!