Monday, February 22, 2010

nature painting/body art/easy sling bag

My beautiful big girl gets the first Assembly Award... for neat book work and lovely manners. I thought I would burst :)

It was just me and Amahli this morning... Jumeirah at school, and Jared had a special play at Nannas.
So, seeing as this little one has a total love for all things mess ( well at least one of them is!) I got out some paint. This morning on our walk (not by choice, this little one yells and giggles till someone gets her... starting at anywhere from 5am so I take her out to shut her up :) ) we found a branch broken on a wild lily so we took it to paint on.

I got out yellow and red and she immediately started to mix the colours in the pots.

A few spots on the leaf, she was a bit Meh about the whole experience... until she grabbed the brush with the other hand and began to twirl her fingers through it.

So I grabbed some paper ( we got this huge butchers paper from the moving company when we moved house.. its fantastic!) and spread the whole table with it. Squirting a huge blob of red and yellow paint onto it, she looked at me with amazement that said "you are actually going to let me get completely covered inside the house??" And with that, she was in :)

Using both hands, she spread the paint all over ( great for learning to cross the midline, using finger and hand muscles, colour mixing.... its ALL good ) she then transfered some to her little body. I have learnt with this one, that paint shirts are pointless and they get in the way. While the weather is still warm, she paints in her nappy which allows her to explore more freely and I dont panic about clothes getting ruined :) As soon as I saw her moving away from the table to the walls, I whizzed her into the bathroom to see how she looked and wash her off.

I think this is a much better colour for the walls mum...

The beauty about covering the table in paper, is that once she was finished I folded the whole thing up and straight outside it went. Easy to clean up is a good thing :)

We then had some sticker fun. She loves doing stickers and is becoming quite dextrous in manipulating these sticky things from her fingers to the paper without it getting stuck to everything else on the way. One phone call, two minutes later, and she was sticking them to herself. Cos thats fun too :)

And tonight, I finally finished the bag I decided to make for myself last week ( nice idea, didnt turn out quite right as usual). I found the pattern at Not so Fancy Nancy and loved her simple design and easy to follow steps.

I didnt want mine quite as big as hers, so I cut mine smaller. Its still a little too big, but it wa fun to make and actually except for the size its a nice bag :) (oh and the strap that somehow made the bag hang to my knees... nothing that some lovely scissors and a quick unpick didnt fix :) )

Stay tuned this week.... I will be making and creating some fun activities to do that you can make for kids travelling on a plane ( or any long distances really) that are simple ( I hope) and fun!! These can also be used for Doctor surgery waits, keeping kids quiet in church, or quiet entertainment while you try and visit a resturant:) ( who does that without a bagful of tricks???)

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