Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Simple Collage/ dump truck cake

Diamond Beach NSW Australia

Life seems to be settling a little bit for us here... trying to get into a new routine that includes two trips to school every day, eliminating one sleep time ( drat I hate that part) and rethinking my crafty things to be more ability appropriate in slowly happening. Trouble is, I have gone almost gone back in time, having two little people at home conversation had totally dropped and Ive gone back to talking to myself more often than not, skills and abilities are back to the beginning again. I dont mind this, its kinda refreshing for a break from hard core/ everyday/ "lets do cool stuff!" pace. But it does make for a boring blog for you :)

But once my "project" is finished ( sorry, its still a surprise for a friend but will show it to you after her birthday) I want to start doing more fun,stitchy, ME! stuff. So that will be good. Hang in there :)

Today was lovely actually. Amahli is totally paint mad and as soon as I say "right lets paint" shes beelining for the table with both hands at the ready. Jared always takes a little longer but without Jumeirah to over take him, hes been enjoying doing things with me.
Today I set them out a really simple collage craft where they could paste and stick to their hearts content.

We chatted about the colours ( or more like I chatted and they ignored me) and shapes and I enjoyed how quiet it was with two busy little people. Im aiming to have more structure to this time of craft, more purpose and secret learny stuff, but for today, there wasnt any point but to enjoy.
Which we did :)

I also wanted to share a couple of photos from our weekend. We went to Diamond Beach to celebrate my little nephews first birthday.
We had a wonderful time!

awesome clouds make for great photography

counting the grains...

I offered to make him his first cake. Being special cos it was his first, I went and bought a new kids cake book thinking this would be the cake to end all cakes. Decided on making a dump truck, it didnt really look that hard. Spent a fortune on ingredients as it needed to packets of cake mix to do it. ( No I didnt make it from scratch. You've really gotta be kidding)

The smell and look of huge potential..

Well I cake decorate almost as good as I sew. The icing wouldnt go on flat or even and kept ripping up pieces of cake. All the decorations kept sliding off. I cut too much off one side trying to even it up for the other side and ended up with almost no back on one side. The weight of the cake made the mars bars I used to hold it up in the middle to sink completely into the cake. The cake was too good and moist ( a fudge chocolate cake) and so more reinforcements had to be made so the whole stupid thing didnt bend and break in half.
Then I had to carry the massive thing on my lap for almost 2.5 hours ( we got lost. On an extremely hazardous dirt track, with HUGE holes all over it.)
but it did survive. JUST:)

And it tasted great :)


  1. It looks great! Those books always make the cakes look easy, but they rarely ever are. You did a fantastic job.

  2. It is a BEAUTIFUL CAKE! Good on you Auntie!