Thursday, March 29, 2012


Recently a box arrived at our place that contained some very cool things.... Thick foam :)

Whatever else that was in it wasnt as exciting (well for me anyway, Tims eye lit up like Christmas at the shiny new xbox that was in the bottom on the box) for me, but the foam presented itself with LOTS of ideas and potential.

I found some nails in the garage and daddys real hammer and I set it up. Jared was totally wide eyed at being allowed to use real nails and a hammer and was up at the table very fast. He spent quite alot of time hammering the nails in, but then struggled to get the out to do it again.
Back into the garage I found some great pliers that he got straight to work pulling all the nails out.

This whole activity lasted on and off all day. Between him and Amahli, they must have hammered enough nails to build a house. It takes a huge amount of concentration to hold a full sized hammer and a nail,as well as hand eye coordination to strike the nail and not yourself ( we had a couple of incidents of this, but it did make them more aware that they had to be careful) but it was something they thoroughly enjoyed.

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