Tuesday, March 27, 2012

sight word: fly

After an absolutely MAMMOTH weekend I have been hit with the mother of all head colds. I think all the stress and build up to the big day and the little things that didnt quite go my way has all hit me in one big thump. Added to that were three little people that really wanted to spend the day with me....

So Jumeirah had a mental health day, with the promise she was going to help me ( and she totally did too).
I found about 10am they wanted something to do so I decided to contiure my sight word idea and introduced the word "fly".
Activities that were to be included were butterfly punching ( not as violent as it sounds though), painting something with the theme "fly", and a home made dot to dot picture. As I wanted Jumeirah to feel involved I had to work to stretch some of the activities to accomodate her too. I was kinda thrilled that my fuzzy head was able to pull all this cool stuff out :)

I set up the table and it worked in a round robin kind of way where one child did an activity and then the next one passed it on...

Jared started with a simple dot to dot. The idea behind it is to follow the number progression, as well as staying in a reasonably straight line. Its pretty tricky! I drew this one myself.

Amahli started with painting.. these are butterflies. I changed from the classic red,blue,green and yellow and gave them brown, yellow, grey and black. It encourages them to think differently when the colours are different from the "norm".

Jumeirah started with butterfly punching which she loved. Picking papers, choosing colours is totally up her alley. To make it more age appropriate and to challenge her a bit, I suggested she glue them in a formation of 3 rows of 4. This meant she had to measure out on a rule at 5cm intervals to make sure they were going to be straight and even. ( Encouraged the development of counting by 5's and using a ruler).
They all moved on, Jumeirah to drawing, Amahli to punching, and Jared to painting. He seems to really struggle with finding things in his head to paint and I have been getting worried about how lacking in creativity he is ( only because hes going to school next year, I really dont want him to be too far behind). But with only a bit of encourgement, I was presented with this spectacular bee :) He was so proud of himself.

Our "fly" display :)

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  1. Very cool! I love how you incorporated all of their individual activities and levels into one theme. :)