Wednesday, March 7, 2012

beach treasure hunting


So today marks day three of wet. AGAIN. Port Macquarie is becoming quite notorious for flooding lately and whilst it hasnt affected us too much, for the little people in my house, today was a sign to go nuts. With no chance to run outside ( our backyard resembles a permanent swamp) they were running around with sheets on their heads and giggling in that almost hysterical way. I had a mound of washing to do, 6 mounds of washing to put away, but I also knew that today would not be a pleasing day if I didnt do something productive for them.
So I grabbed a piece of paper and a pen, two little hypos, and headed for the car.
I had a great plan ( which was very handy seeing as my brain function has been off of late) and quickly drew them a simple idea of finding some treasures. They were just excited to be in the car and heading off on what I called an adventure :)

We headed to our favourite local beach, Shelley Beach, where I gave them the things they had to find and a basket. And they were off, squealing and laughing with absolute delight.

And this is our day :) 

Once all our treasures were found, they created a game where I was put in jail whilst they put on shows for me. ( I know, they are random but cute)

These two are seriously the best of friends.... The photo above would have been very amusing from the other side... Amahli wanted to sit up on the rocks but then panicked so she threw her arm around Jared. He, in his usual hug-a-lot way, hugged her back :)

Below, I have no idea what they are talking about but the conversation was deep and involved. The hand holding is one of those things they seem to always do :) I have no idea how long it will last but its so gorgeous to see.

Makes you want to jump for joy :)


  1. That photo on the rocks and of them holding hands are just to die for!!! Aren't they just the cutest and sweetest little things ever?!

    Gorgeous photos, too. I love the skies.

  2. oh I wish wish wish WISH that you could see them for real.... I had no "real" camera but I did try to capture them ;)