Monday, April 2, 2012

Easter: egg dyeing

Its been really busy this week but Im trying hard to start doing some Easter craft.
Unfortunately I havent had a chance to get any photos of my camera so Im going to repost a cool Egg dyeing craft we've done before :)

My cheeks are still aching from the Easter activity we did last Saturday. Luckily it was fun and turned out really well so it was kinda worth it :)

Eggs, in the normal, unchocolated, raw state are really not my favourite thing. Actually I dont like eating them ether much unless they are coated in cake mix.. but I stumbled upon the mother of all crafters, Martha Stewart, and her 62 ( YUP THAT SAID 62) different ways to decocrate an egg and really couldnt pass up trying at least a few...check it out here!!

I picked 2 types from her website and had 2 of my own to try. Now came the part that made me dry retch way too much, blowing the eggs. Truly disgusting. I had Jumeirah and Jared all excited to help me dye the eggs but once they saw this part both took off to find something else to do. And so, I persevered and blew 4 eggs. Trust me, that was enough. I am seriously still sore cheeked.

The first egg I used contact paper in strips on the egg ( should have used a vinyl but contact was available) in a stripey pattern. I made up the dye bath with hot water and vinegar. I was actually pretty amazed at how much colour the egg took.
The second egg I used rubber bands to make a pattern on the egg ( again, it could have been better with thicker bands but thin is what had) and dyed this one blue.

The third egg managed to convince Jumeirah they were clean and she drew on it with pastels. We then tried to dye it yellow but it wasnt very bright so it got double dunked in the blue.

The fourth was my favourite and my own creation, I used a hot glue gun all over it before it was dunked in black ink.

We let them dry for a few minutes and then took off all the embellishments.
They were interesting and effective all in dfferent ways.... Still my favourite was my black one :)

rubber bands

contact strips
hot glue gun

pastel resist

We will definitely do these experiments again, possibly not even at Easter time :)

I still want to have a go at the mexican ones that are filled wth confett and broken over the head of someone with a wish for their future... sometime this week when my cheeks are back to normal)
You wait until you see what with did with the shells after a few days!

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