Monday, March 19, 2012

a moment captured

We spent the weekend in the way I love the most.... together. No commitments of work ( well, other than one shoot I had on Sunday arvo) and a dark and stormy day meant that I had three eager beavers wanting to go explore...

So we headed off to our locallest ( yup its a word) of beaches and spent the morning chasing seagulls, hunting for crabs, discovering starfish, and time together.
I didnt take my camera, I get tired of sometimes being so attached to it, but I did take my phone and shot all these with it :)

of course I kicked myself later for not taking the real thing but it was not too bad for an iPhone!

Later in the day, it began to pour. But not to be thwarted, we bought umbrellas and headed off for a coastal walk.
Something about spending time with just us really lifted all of us to completely enjoy the day. Leeches, a fall, and a slip in the mud could not dampen the fun a simple day out can bring :) And it created a whole heap of wonderful family memories that will last a lifetime ( I hope!) and traditions of rain walking that will also be enjoyed for an age to come :)

What do you guys do as a family? What new memories have you made lately??

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  1. That photo is just too sweet of them all together. You have THE MOST amazing starfish!!