Tuesday, March 20, 2012

sight words

I set up an activity that I really want to do every week with some simple variations but something that will encourage Jared with some simple sight words.

I had no rhyme or reason behind the sight word I used this week which was "boat", I just thought it might capture his attention.
So I set up the table with the sight word in the middle with three different activities related to that word that he had to work through.

We had:( and the skills it works on)

Cutting shapes out to make a boat: ( fine motor, concentration, hand eye co ordination)

writing the word "boat": (word recognition/letter recognition, hand/ eye coordination, pencil grip)

painting a picture either of a boat or with a boat in it: ( imagination, hand/eye coordination)

hes getting better at coming and joining in at these activities which is what I was REALLY working on. Hes going to school  next year and he has a very sweet way of saying " oh no thanks" to craft and arty stuff at preschool and getting away with it so I want him to learn to enjoy it so school wont be such a push.
He was happy to sit and start with me which was a good sign :) Having a few different things to do meant that he wasnt overly worried I was only going to make him paint.

These are the results of our very productive morning :)

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