Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Late last week I hosted a Stampin Up card making night at my place. Its totally my thing and it was just what I needed to relax and dismiss the week and allow my brain to stop for just a few moments... unfortunately we had a huge storm and lost all power so we card made by candlelight which was nothing short of romantic... sort of.

I left some things on the table overnight, only to find two eager beavers sitting up asking to have a turn of hole punching. So, I scooted them off to breakfast to set up and when they were done, I had paper, scissors, textas and a series of hole punches ready for them.

Hole punching is hard work! It really works those fine motor skills and muscles in fingers that is so important when pencil writing comes into play...

You can see how hard Amahli had to work to get it to punch through :) Check out that tongue working!

It also works on patience because it is tricky to line up and punch at the same time.
When they had punched a whole heap of paper, all punches were glued onto paper ( I didnt click that one but you get the idea) .

Im going to add to this all week and see how it goes!

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  1. I always tell myself that I will get some of those big punches like that. But my kids LOVE scissors, so anything that keeps them from cutting they probably wouldn't like. I love how focused Amahli is. ;)