Thursday, March 15, 2012

ink printing

Ive had  fun with these littles and their card creating antics.. not alot of actual completion but ALOT of production :)

Today I added inks to the table. I had the idea that they could use my stamp kits but then stumbled on an old book of mine that contained fingerprint pictures so thats what we decided to do.

Jared, not too pleased about getting his finger dirty but hes gradually getting better and will do it once hes sees that its not too messy. I made fish with my fingerprints, he made butterflies and was done :)

Amahli was happy to print and so I got something else out for her I thought she might like to print with something else. Last night I cooked with Bok Choi and whilst I was cutting off the end I noticed how cool the end piece looked and wondered if it would print as well.

I gave it to Amahli with some red paint, and hoped that it would turn out like the rose it looked like.
She had a great time printing with it and it printed pretty well! I made a whole stack of rose paper as note paper too :)

What else have you printed with??

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  1. The fish a re super cute. Those butterflies are so delicate looking. I have never cooked with bok choi, but it looks fun to craft with!!