Friday, March 2, 2012

marble counting

How the heck does a whole week go by without blogging?? Really?? I have no idea... except for the fact that I now only have two days in the week where I get to fulfill all my arty crafty ideas :( I know, I know, Im sad too. BUT! On the up side, Amahli and I have been thoroughly enjoying our music/dance lessons together ( oh we've got the moves baby!) and I have now graduated from Parent Stalker to Parent Helper on thursdays! Yes, instead of lurking and working under the cover of darkness to get information about school, I am now invited every week to come and join in. TOTALLY in my element :)

So this week Jared has been talking alot about numbers, identifying them on signs, or adding up things he can see, and so I created him a new way to work with numbers and adding stuff at home that I thought might hold an interest for awhile.

In zip loc bags I placed groups of marbles: 2 bags contained 2 marbles, 2 bags contained 3 marbles, 2 bags contained 4 marbles. I also added later some bags with only one marble in it.

On a sheet of paper I wrote out some simple addition sums to work out, and showed him what we were going to do. He and Amahli first sorted out the bags of marbles into groups and then he started to try and work out the sums on the paper.

To do it, he read the numbers and found the corresponding bag with marbles in it, laid them side by side and them added them up! It was a simple process but he was so proud that he actually understood what I was saying and getting them right.

Amahli enjoyed counting too so it will be something I do with her as well. I love when Maths is fun!


  1. I had never thought of keeping the marbles in bags like this. I could do this with Charley and not worry about Little Lady grabbing marbles and stuffing them in her mouth. Great idea, yet again. ;)

  2. you could seal them with stick tape to make sure Little lady had no chance to get into them too!