Monday, August 29, 2011

Winter :)

Lately, its seems, I am having a season of quiet nothingness.. days seem to be packed full of busy stuff but the times that are normally crafty have been filled with either two little people not wanting my input ( *sad face*) or kids busy racing around outside... the last few days have been beautiful and obviously calling to them to run, jump and be free :)
So I harnessed them for long enough to drive them to the beach and then unleashed them to do exactly as they wanted...

Port Macquarie Winter :)
Dont get me wrong, its freeeeeezing in the mornings still.. but the last few days have been absolute bliss :)

Amahli the clown

Amahli and her " it is my real cheese face!" ( as in smile face)

Running and stopping game.. run as fast as you can and then I yell STOP! and they have to stop. This is a great game to teach a child who runs away from you in shopping centres. Mine never did but maybe because this is one of our favourite games :)

Mid jump

Where are places you go to de stress, re centre, be calm with your kids??


  1. I don't have a place that we love to go to relax. I just hang out at my home with my little man. Sometimes we go to a historical working farm that we enjoy, but going out with him is sometimes more stress than re-centering. :) Great pictures!

  2. I need to move to Port Macquarie!!

  3. oh a working farm sounds cool :) we are currently investigating going on a working farm holiday...

    And yes Kim, havent we had this conversation?? kick that husbands butt over here and come join him :) Would be AWESOME :)