Tuesday, August 16, 2011

designer fabric: from the archives

I took a trip to the beach with my littles today... WITHOUT the camera. I know, stupid huh. But I thought they deserved some full mummy time instead of trying to capture every moment on film.. or whatever it is today ;)
So I pulled a moment from the archive from this time last year.
It was a good one! I may just do it again this week :)

Yesterday was a bit if a funny day.. not so much funny "haha" but funny "hmmmm grrrr"....

I had Jumeirah home from school with green gunk oozing from her nose, and Amahli and Jared were a bit "off", and I seem to have somehow got some random head cold/ gunk thing too. So I didnt get a chance to blog BUT! I did get to do some fun stuff anyway!

I told them about the things I had planned to do: the changing the world part anyway, and how Daddy had printed off some cards for us to drop off for people we dont know. Jumeirah thought this was a bit funny but still was more than happy to go along and wants to help too. I also told them I wanted them to think about something they could do for someone else to make them feel happy too. I didnt push it, I want them to think of it themselves.
And so we began our day: A bit oozy, a bit grizzly but hopeful of a good day :)

I wanted to do something special with Jumeirah today, knowing she wasnt all that well and needed a bit of Mumma TLC ( the best kind, really!). I found a piece of white cotton fabric and took the idea I found at Filth Wizardry we got started in making some kid designer fabric to turn into a skirt. I gave Jumeirah a black permanent marker and she got to work.

I asked her to draw some flowers ( yeah I know, I shoulda just let her do it... sorry it was one of those days) and she did a brilliant job. I then watered down some acrylic paint and she painted them. I absolutely loved how this turned out!!

We hung it up to dry and then I had to convince myself that we had intended to make a skirt from it... I really didnt want to cut it or sew it, but want it for a hanging or something.. but I proceeded.

It turned out really well, although its a little stiff. But the colours and design is just gorgeous. As I was sewing it together, three cherubs were playing on the trampoline. Just as I turned to corner, I watched Jumeirah throw a soccer ball at point blank range at the back of Jareds head. I yelled ( yes yes I shouldnt have done that either) for her to get off and that she was banned from the trampoline for two days. "Its not fair!" I got yelled back and she flounced away. I made her come out and try on her new skirt.
As you can see she was well impressed, NOT.

As she took it off though, Jared came up and said "I do it for you, Mum" and he put it on and raced to the fence for a photo. I stopped and thanked this little guy for helping me. I tiold him that what he had done made my heart happy and that he was such a thoughtful person. And then I got these pics that really made me melt and realise yet again, how blessed I am with great kids.

Jumeirah watched all this, then came outside and asked to go on the trampoline. I said no, she was banned. I told her that she could see what it felt like by him throwing it at her, but she didnt like that idea either ( the third thing I shouldnt have done but it turns out well...).
Thinking of my resolutions, I told her there was one other thing she could do... do something kind for him that would make him feel happy.
And off she raced with a big grin.

After about 20 minutes she presented him with this.

He loved it and hugged her, and she turned to me and said this little piece of gold:

" Hey MUM! It worked! But guess what else?? I feel happy too so it REALLY worked!"

And so today, my work is done. And no matter how many times I stuffed up the little things, I know that I made a difference to them, even if it was only for today.

Kids dont have to be picassos for this to work out well. Its just great to have as a skirt or a pillow or anything! to keep as a momento of their young artworks :)


  1. I remember this one. Man, they look so much younger. Sniff, sigh.

  2. Reading this plastered a huge smile on my face =) they are who they are today because you have been a fantastic pillar & role model for them!

  3. @ kim: I know :( why wont they listen when I say stop growing??
    Hows big school???

    @ ourlilbuns: Thankyou!! wow you totally made my day :)