Tuesday, August 2, 2011

pattern following

Yet another resolution to do more things with Jazzy whilst Amahli is asleep.. its such a tricky time of day for both of us... he likes to chill and so do I but I feel time is slipping away from me. Being the middle kid, he wont get time on his own with me whilst the others are at school ( Jumeirah got 2 years before the others came and Amahli will get a year to herself when he goes to preschool and then school..) and I really want to spend more time with him helping him develop those skills he needs without him really knowing hes learning ;) He really is such a cruisy kid though and really he'd reather be snuggled up but I compromised with him today to do a little bit of fun stuff before we flaked out on the lounge.

I set up a simple pattern copying activity. ( Yes the skewers are stuck in a toilet roll. It proved to be the perfect way to keep them still!) ( Im very creative that way ;) )

I made a pattern and asked if he could copy it. With only a little bit of encouragement, he was quite able to do this. Its tricky to do, work out the pattern from the bottom up, then use really little fingers to carefully thread the bead on. I made one a bit harder which is started but didnt want to finish. I was impressed I had him for that long :)

Its something thats easy to pull out and set up and can be used for not only threading and patterns but counting and sorting as well!
Im going to set it up for Amahli tomorrow for some threading fun :)


  1. so creative to use toilet paper rolls! I never would have thought of that. Genius!! If I ever get beads, I'm doing this one for sure :) (I feel like I pin everything you do!! thanks for sharing so much fun stuff to do with your kiddos)

  2. I agree with Amanda. I would have never thought to use toilet paper. How neat!

  3. hey Amanda do you have a pin wall?? I started one yesterday :) whats your link to yours??