Monday, August 22, 2011

Mondrian art

Today I had all three cherubs at home... ear aches, runny noses, normal, neverending winter stuff which I am truly over...I think for the first time in my life I am longing for warmer weather.
Watch me complain in a few months time :)
This week I am changing things. Last week I was so unorganised that they week past in a slow boring blur. I didnt really have any rhyme or reason to anything and it left me feeling Blah. So I stepped it up, got myself sorted for some fun activities and began the day with a sunrise walk to clear my head.
Twas perfect :)

At home, I got out some pencils, paint and paper and asked them to come create with me. Jared beelined for the mobilo but I let him go today, if he was going to create with something else, I was happy. The girls were up at the table faster than I could get the invitation to create out :)

Amahli, wanting no direction, was straight into it. Painting and chatting about what she was doing, being or so meticulous with her brush strokes, shes just so entertaining to watch.

I had something different for Jumeirah to do and she was keen to see what it was.
A friend of mine, who is a Kindy teacher, showed us his classes work recently that was inspired by the artist Piet Mondrian. I showed Jumeirah their work and asked if she wanted to give it a go.
We started by drawing straight lines on the paper with a ruler, both horizontally and vertically, making squares and rectangles.
Once drawn, she began to fill in different squares with colour. Its something that had to be done carefully, she took her time and did really well.

Once that stage was dry, each line is then painted in black paint. Another part that takes a steady hand and careful painting, she did get a bit frustrated by it but worked through it with me to complete what turned out to be a masterpiece.
The result is really striking and looks fantastic on the wall.

Im hoping she'll do one on a canvas for me :)
Thanks for the idea Mr Scott!!!


  1. That's really pretty! You're right...very striking. I hope you get it on canvas.

    Praying that your little ones get better soon!!

  2. thanks! First time I ever want winter over!!