Thursday, August 11, 2011

paper plane fun

At the library last week, my kids had lots of fun, more so than usual, because I told them they could borrow ABSOLUTELY anything they wanted to ( they had a limit of 4 things so it wasnt totally crazy!)

Amahli heads straight to the foreign section and pulls out " teach your kids French in the car!" ( I swear that she totally knows what this is and that this will drive me insane in the car even if she is only 2yrs old) and is blissfully happy with the ghastly looking cover on it.
Jared, in his usual style, takes FOREVER to find anything he is remotely interested in, he would rather be playing the library computers than find a book.
But finally his face lights up as side by side he finds a pirate book and a paper plane book.

Perfect :)

So we head home ( all the way singing " the snail goes slow, the ant goes fast, and into your belly.. or something like that I think. Really I could be reciting some terrible words and Id have no idea) to check out our finds.
This morning, I set up the table so as soon as we dropped Jumeirah off we could get stuck into the paper plane book. It looks great. The pictures are clear, instructions are in English and understandable and so we begin.

He, of course, picks the two hardest planes in the book. But not to be defeated, we began. Me, folding, unfolding, trying not to swear, Him, encouraging, laughing when I growl, and helping me fold parts. He is also following the steps so he can see what we are up to.

More than once, the plane ends up like this.

And then the steps start matching up to where they are supposed to be...

More than once, he says "Ok good work. I'll be just a sec and I check on you" and races out the door to play with Amahli.

But finally, we have two almost to the pattern, planes :)

He had such fun flying them. We raced them in the hallway. He flew around with great sound effects and diving bombing the dog.

And Amahli?? Her favourite bit was finding all the disaster efforts and throwing them around the place :)

Win Win :)

Check out your local library for great books like this! Im off to find some more ( maybe easier version next time)


  1. I love Jared eyeing and lining up his aim. Great shot. What a fun activity.

  2. I love these pictures. My favorites are the one where Jared's closing one eye to fly his plane. So cute. And I love the belly shot of Amahli and the glee on her face. So precious. Fun day!

  3. surely the one eye line up means hes going to be an awesome photographer?? surely?? and Amahli?? well shes always just going to be Amahli :) full of glee :)