Thursday, August 4, 2011

straw blow painting

Recently, Jared has had an obsession with playing with straws. All day. Everyday. Which is fine, for the first 10 minutes, then they get full of condensation and boy slober that it drips out then end. Which is when I start gagging.
He bought a pack of curly straws whilst we were in Sydney which has only flamed the love for straws. So today, I decided to let him play with straws provided he did my straw painting. ( No, its compromising, not bribing ;) )

So I set up straw blowing painting today. When we used to do this at preschool, I seriously could not watch. The amount of dribble that ended up on the page just was about the only preschool thing I could not handle. ( That and clay. But thats a whole nother issue) So I was a bit worried at how it would have changed seeing as its my kids and their dribble which I am covered with most days anyway....

He was keen as soon as he saw the straws. And he didnt even baulk when he saw that paint was involved! He got straight in and asked me how to do it.

I showed him once and away he went.

He loved making "Fireworks" and spent a good 10 minutes ( a record for him Im sure!) blowing happily through his straw, moving it around to make the paint spray out into fireworks and "fingers".
Amahli had a go but couldnt quite get the coordination to move the paint around. With a bit of help, she was able to do it too :)
And Im happy to say, not one painting had spit bubbles on it!
Anyone else got some cool things to do with straws??

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