Monday, August 8, 2011

the prince and the princess

Last week I went to Education Week at school with Jumeirah. Its was fun to see her in action at school and the things shes been doing. I do hear alot about different things but its totally different to see her in a classroom setting.
Their theme this term is "Fairy Tales" and so lots of things have been coming home to do with all things fairytaleish. Hanging on the wall in their room is one such thing they did which was to colour in a prince or princess picture and then stick their face on the top. So so cute and as soon as Amahli saw it she started begging me to do it with her too.
So I drew ( read: copied) an outline of a prince and a princess, found a photo of both her and Jared and printed it out, and they both had a lovely time colouring their royal selves in. Whilst colouring in has had a bad rap for being ' creative squashing" and "useless" I find it has its good points too. Jared needs to do more practise with holding a pencil and being able to control and colouring helps that. I loved to colour in as a child as I wasnt the best drawer. Its also great for strengthening muscles in their fingers which they need to be able to hold a pencil or pen in later life too.

Once they were finished, we stuck their heads on. Both absolutely loved looking at the royal versions of themselves :)

So now I spend my day getting ignore unless I refer to them as Prince Jared and Princess Amahli.
Jared even said to me: " I told you who I am. If you dont call it to me, Im not listening anymore".
Turns out he's not just royal, hes a royal pain in the butt ;)

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  1. Now that is hilarious. Does that make you the Queen Mum? ;)