Tuesday, August 9, 2011

sorting money

Money seems to be a big thing in our house at the moment... at any one time the sound of clinking coins can be heard from any number of pockets or falling through the holes in the car seats. And Im always having my wallet raided for coins, it seems that 5c pieces wont do either. It has to be " a big one Mum!" or " A gold one for pirates!" which I would love to oblige but I barely ever have two to clink together myself!!
So, to encourage this love of coins, I created Jared in particular (but all can use it) a page of coin matching.
It was pretty easy, find the coin pictures on the computer, print them off.

The hard part was finding enough coins :)
I did it so it became a counting game too, not all coins had the same amount.
He spent quite a lot of time on this, first getting it wrong as he was rushing but once he took the time to look at the coins and discover the symbols and numbers on them he was able to match it easy.

He did it again this afternoon and did it first go :)
These type of activities can be adjusted for so many ages. Younger kids can just match one coin of varying amounts, older children ( 5-10) can begin to add the lines of coins together to work out how much it adds up to.Its got so many ways to be extended.
Going to set Amahli up with it tomorrow and see how she goes :)


  1. Cool! Is that a platypus on that coin?Now that is cool, too.

  2. ah yes it is eagle eye!! I Will send some of our coins over when I finally get to posting your box to you :)