Tuesday, June 21, 2011

DIY Mobile phones :)

Yesterday I had all three cherubs at home again... beginnings of conjunctivitis for 1/3 and 3/3 so I didnt risk sending the eldest to school. Mister Middle was crouchy as all heck so a day trip was needed. Thankfully, daddy rang and told me of a cool happening not too far down the road from us so we hopped in the car and headed off.

Lake Cathie ( pronounced cat-eye) is a great place to take kids. Its got a great swimming lake, a park, and lots of places to sit and watch. The lake is walk-across-able ( for adults) and has been a fun place to visit pretty much all year round. My kids jump in the blow up boat and are pulled to the other side, then run across the sand to the beach. Unfortunately, the only thing I dont like about it is the fact that the water is the colour of tea. Along the banks of the lake are lots of teatree trees and the tint the water. Its safe to swim in, but it doesnt look that appealing to me! So, once a year, they open up a channel to the sea to clean it out and fill the lake again. A few months ago we watched the diggers make a huge channel and then spent two weekends in a row swimming through the rapids that had been created between lake and sea. But with all the flooding rain we had last week, the channel closed.
Yesterday, they began the process of opening it again which meant more diggers to watch at the beach!

one girls curls... almost grown back after a hairdresser fun ...

We had a great time watching them, pretending to be them, and running around on the sand. As I sat and watched between diggers and the kids, I could hear Jared having a heated discussion... only no one was talking back to him. I turned to find him mid gesture, and happily ranting on a phone... HUH? Doing a double take I realised that he had found the perfect phone shaped rock!
The girls, seeing this, wanted their own phones and so we found another two phone rocks and all three paced the beach ranting on their phones :)

When we got home, they wanted to decorate their phones, and so I got out paint, and Jumeirah found on the computer, a picture of an iPhone to print out.

Once the rocks were painted, I mod podged over the printed iPhone pic on the other side of the rock and we left them to dry.

Once dry, these phone were a hit all afternoon.... I wish I could have recorded the conversations because it was so funny to hear what I sound like on the phone ... Jumeirah just didnt give them a chance to respond, Jared was all gestures and laughs and Amahli kept yelling " No you cant have anything to eat!" whilst covering the phone with her hand....


  1. "No, you can't have anything to eat!" That's hilarious!!! My son wondered why I just laughed at the computer screen :) Very cute phones. You've done a great job of teaching your kids how to be creative.

  2. Oh my goodness. That is just too funny! I love that Jared is still wearing his hat. He is such a handsome little guy. :)

  3. HA! Jared looks like a little business man in the photo!!! I wonder what he'll be when he grow up!
    Amahli's conversation is hilarious!!!!
    Such a little mummy

    Leah has an old mobile phone of mine and all she says is hi and bye.. she walks around the house pushing her dolls stroller talking on the phone.

    love you

  4. Karina - you never cease to amaze me with the things these awesome kids dream up. "Speed of the leader - speed of the crowd!" You've done SUCH an incredible job with them. (And yes, I'm "borrowing" this idea - I get to babysit Caleb 3 days early in July as he's having his tonsils out - need some "quiet time" activities and this is the one!) I'm ALMOST willing to forgive you for taking Chris and Ian away from AD forever!!! ♥