Thursday, June 9, 2011


Last weekend, we took our tribe (plus the grandparents.. actually they took us) to see the "Walking with Dinosaurs" show. Apparently its been touring around the world?? Anyway, it was BRILLIANT :)

Considering these photos were taken without a flash ( as they scare the dinosaurs) and with Amahli on my lap ( whilst I also covered one of her ears) and holding Jumeirahs hand I think I did a pretty good job!!

See the guy hiding behind the rock?? These things were MASSIVE.

Its caused a massive swell of dino love in our house and so I have been researching activities that are Dino related.We have collected books, things for dinosaur collage, and have made green playdough so Im all set for tomorrow.

Anyone else got any cool Dinosaur ideas?


  1. My son would cry and cover his eyes for the whole show I bet. Looks intense! I saw a post recently where a woman used cement and molded it into part of a dino skeleton in the bottom of a kiddie pool. Then she filled the kiddie pool with sand, so the kids could excavate the bones. I'll go look for it. If I find it, I'll post another comment here :) (it's a little too ambitious for my blood!)

  2. Found it! So ambitious. So not me. :)

  3. Amazing shots!! That looks like so much fun. You are such an awesome mum (look at that, you have me writing Aussie style, lol).