Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Its the simple things...

Got sidetracked editing photos last night.. its seems to be taking me over! Then the camera deleted all the photos Id taken.. I tell you I just about threw it at a wall. but knowing that would really only hurt me, I let it be.

That added to the fact that Im a little lacking in cool ideas at the moment, both kids have been tired, and all of us are still battling a cold thing no one has been keen to do anything much.

Today though, I was feeling that uncontrollable urge to reorganise and clean... you know the one...where no child can get in the way, you are on a mission, to clean, to conquer. Its rare for me thankfully, but today I was unsettled and it was clear I needed to sort something out and make at least part of the house more presentable than in its current 'hit by a tornado' look. I also felt that my two littles were following me around a bit much lately, not able to find something to DO but not really wanting to do anything to craftalicious. Its a fine line really, to find balance. So my plan was to create for them a space to just play, something simple that involved a few different activities for them to do.

Today, it was the outdoor area. I knew that the munchkins really didnt want a bar of me today but I wanted to fix their play area so they could enjoy the sunshine and fresh air and without me dominating play (Im often outcast by these two. Im ok with it mostly, as long as they let me play sometimes).

Firstly, together we picked up all the broken toys and bits and pieces and chucked them out. Both of them wanted a cubby, so I set up the beach tent for them to play in.

Whilst they were happily playing, I sorted out a Zen pit for Amahli. I called it this because its filled with pebbles and some large rocks and its totally relaxing and calming to play in it :) She loves this kind of play and played in it for ages this morning.

Jumeirah wanted to add boats to the Zen pond so I let her.. they swirled around for quite awhile, happy to be floating under her gentle control.

We turned the beach tent into a hospital where many teddies came to be seen by Dr Richard ( Jared told me today that his name is Richard. Dont ask, I dont know)

I also fixed up the outdoor table ( to be used in craft tomorrow) so we could sit hopefully on the weekend as a family.

A small table was the last edition to the play space with a small bucket of constructive pieces and its completed.

Too often lately I feel a bit lacking in the things I do with them, I feel like I run play too much instead of letting them just play. This kind of area gives me purpose and satisfaction, I feel like they are learning through simple set ups, and they love it.

And I got to sit, absorb some much needed whatever it is I get from the sun ( Melatonin? Seratonin?? its one of them) and watch my happy pair, and then trio, JUST ENJOY.


  1. How funny...yes, I get the same urge every once in a while to CLEAN because my house is also sporting the "hit by a tornado" look. My husband probably wonders what I do all day bc of how bad it is.

    I LOVE the picture of Pooh being loved on. How sweet. And the Richard thing made me laugh out loud - which almost woke my napping son in the next room!

    Congrats on getting something cleaned :) Sorry about your photos :(

  2. That is great that you got to accomplish something and then still relax and watch the kids enjoy themselves.
    I am glad you didn't break your camera. You want to make sure you keep it perfect until the new 5D mark III comes out. Then you can break it and convince the hubs to get you that one. It is going to be fabulous!

  3. @amanda: the richard thing has thankfully stopped today... today he is " the doctor" and is wearing his hair in a high fountain ponytail :)

    @ kim: Geez maybe I should start saving now :) Actually first I want a wide angle lens no, no I mean a new tripod/shutter release gable, oh no hang on... should I just add it to the list ;)?? My kids dont need food do they?? :)