Thursday, June 16, 2011

Stick Construction

Day 6 of rain.... have we hit your news screens yet?? We have major flooding in our region, luckily for us we live on a kill so its not too bad here but lots of Port and surrounding areas have been evacuated...
Thankfully a watery yellowish orb appeared late this afternoon and will now hopefully stay for a little while so things can dry out!

This morning I needed something new for my ever so slightly stir crazy kids and so I hunted something down from the craft cupboard and turned out with paddlepop sticks, skewers and matchsticks. I thought maybe we could glue them together with hot glue and create some cool masterpieces!

They were relatively keen to give it a go and so we plugged in the glue gun and talked about how hot it would get. They talked about the sticks and what they could make ( well, sort of).
We started with cardboard as a base with skewers sticking it it to give them a start.
Once the glue was hot enough, I asked them to choose the sticks, then glued it, then they stuck it on where they liked.
It took a while for them not to ponder the wonders of the world each time I passed them a loaded glued stick ( it hardens pretty quick so you have to stick it fast) but once we had done a few, they both got the hang of it. I ended up gluing blobs of glue where ever they wanted and they stuck how they chose.

Probably something that would suit older kids more but they did enjoy something different. Next time we might add more things to it like fabric, ribbon or other fancys to make it more decorative :)

No blog tomorrow, I have a mission of a day with Jumeirahs dance concert at school, then to make a cake for a friends daughters birthday, then the school pick up run, swimming lessons, fly home and cook tea, then off to work!! PHEW! Im tired just thinking about it :)

Happy weekend!!

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  1. Looks like they had fun building.
    That is one busy day you have, but I know you will do great. Any chance we will see pictures of the cake? I love your creations. :)