Friday, June 10, 2011

Project 52: Jared

there will be another post later today but I really wanted to Enter the Love that Shot Black and white comp...

I took this photo of Jared on his obsession with cleaning day. He totally was in love with his new hat and the duster and begged me to take a photo " but with no smile Mum cos its not funny" ...

The Result??

A memory that will last a lifetime.. or at least until his 21st :)

Oh so Dramatic :)



  1. What a gorgeous little man you have. At least he knows that cleaning isn't funny. lol. I still love the one where he is trying to read the hat. That one is funny. Beautifully done as usual, my friend. :-)

  2. That deserves a spot on your wall. Such a sweet boy. I love that he thought about the whole "no smile" thing. What a cutie!