Wednesday, June 22, 2011

rainbow cake

Last week, a friend commented that she was incredibly time short and was worrying about how she was going to get everything done for her daughters birthday as well as all the rest of the things she had to do... I (either being really kind or really stupid, probably a bit of both) offered to make her cake.
The request was a "rainbow cake". And so last friday I set to task to make a rainbow cake to end all rainbow cakes :)

I used a packet mix cos I knew it would be super moist ( after all, thats what it said on the box!) but I wanted it to be more than just rainbow on the OUTSIDE, I wanted it on the INSIDE too!
I so armed with a heck of a lot of food colouring and a sense of adventure, my gang and I began.

Firstly, we mixed the batter, broke eggs ( both in the bowl and on the floor) and stirred and stirred. Once the batter was ready we tinted it 5 different colours.

Then, after lining a tray, I poured a colour into the tray, right in the centre. ( I saw this idea for here..her bowl photo is way cooler than mine ) The next colour we poured directly on top of the first colour and so on. Once all 5 colours were poured, we mix up another lot of batter, tinted again, and began to relayer as before.

This is what it looked like all layered up :) Isnt she pretty??!

Once it had cooked and cooled ( and had been extracted by brute force from the tray.... why does this always happen??) we took the top off to make it flat. I was so amazed and pleased at the super bright colours on the inside of this cake!

Whilst I cursed and swore attempted to ice the cake, I had Amahli and Jared sort the smarties out for me ( they arent real smarties cos they dont do bright colours anymore. These were called Beanies) into different sections of plates so we could easily make the rainbow on top of the cake.
After a second attempt at making the icing stick to the cake and not pull all the crumbs of in a mess, I conquered and we were ready to decorate!

Using beanies, we made a gorgeous arc to begin our rainbow. Colours were almost by correct colour (ROYGBIV) and it looked so fantastic when it was done. The finishing touch was to end each side of the rainbow with white mini marshmallows as clouds :)

So cute this cake was :) And luckily for us, we got to eat the left over top piece ourselves!
Anyone else done any cool cake decorating lately?


  1. LOVE IT! I love putting all the colors together - gonna try this one too, next week. I put some parchment paper in the pan (a little butter on the pan, then the paper) and butter it slightly - usually helps the cake some out better! GOOD JOB - love the rainbows on top. Will post my boy (in his newly decorated apron) doing our cake!

  2. That's great! I've seen this around and have never been brave enough to attempt it. Maybe I will now! :)

  3. We have done cupcakes, but not a cake. This turned out fantastic!! I feel better that you used a mix, like us humans do. Lol. You are so amazing. Martha's tip about the parchment paper should work great. It has always worked for my grandma, mom, and me. :)