Monday, June 13, 2011

memory cards

Its a public holiday here today, to celebrate the Queen :)

Which means daddy and Jumeirah got a bonus day off :) Unfortunately we are on day 4 of constant rain ( no really, its getting ridiculous) so we havent really done a whole lot but play inside and relax..
I went a bit crazy this arvo and braved the darkening weather (with my camera, I might add, which was a tad dumb but oh so fun) and took these shots in between running for cover in the rocks and getting stranded in the middle of nowhere trying to not panic about the rising high tide..

Totally worth it ;)

Last week I did an activity for Jared which totally amazed both him and me. I wanted to make him some dinosaur cards to play snap or memory with but he was totally not wanting Dinosaurs and wanted Pirates instead ( ahh such a short lived love that one) and so we made a set of pirate cards.
I made them with clip art from Lettering Delights. Its a great website that I have been surprised how much I use it. ( yes I am kinda affiliated with them, but not really. It just is a really cool site cos I use it for card making and scrapping too. They dont know Im using them tonight in this blog). So we chose which pics we wanted and then made them into cards using my trusty laminator ( dont leave home without one!) and some white cardstock.

Sitting down, I really wondered how long this game would last. The cards had taken a good half an hour to make and laminate and he was thrilled the help the entire process. I had the funny feeling once he saw the game he wasnt going to be interested. But, I set it up, explained the way it was played and we began to play.
I only set up eight cards ( four pairs) for the first round and he absolutely flogged me. Without any help at all. Ok, so I totally underestimated you again, buddy. Second round we used the whole pack of cards ( 12 pairs) and he nailed me again. Third round I won, but he helped me. Seriously, this kid has an awesome memory! I was really surprised as he hasnt really ever shown this. The best part was he was SO proud of himself. I think he surprised himself at being able to beat me and knowing I wasnt cheating to make that happen.

I was really a very proud mumma and we played for over an hour with the little, simple home made cards.
I plan to make a few more sets for some friends this week, have you made yourself a set??

(and if you want to see a but more of my clickin love, I have now created a Karina Baker Photography page on facebook :). Id love some more likes over there!)


  1. I just printed out some pictures for a matching game, but 1) I don't have a color printer so I have to take the time to color them in myself and 2) I don't have a laminator or clear contact paper. So, the game will have to wait. But now I'm interested to see how well my 2 1/2 yr old does. Also, i LOVE your pictures!! Glad you're safe :)

  2. Hey amanda! You dont need to colour them in, just have them black and white! I totally think they will look just as cool :)
    Plus, you could use them without contact or laminate, they just wont last as long :)

  3. LOVE IT! I have a laminator (thanks to your mum) and am on my way to make these - what fun to have the cards to go along with my pirate sensory tub!

  4. Gorgeous shots, as usual. The cards are great. I love the cartoon look. It is much more fun. Cole is into pirates right now, too.