Wednesday, December 8, 2010


I got a smack yesterday. Im kinda still reeling from it.
I did something I totally didnt realise was wrong, got pulled up and now am not sure where I am.

A week or so ago, I blogged about the most amazing kids book I had found. I shared a story on how it linked so perfectly to my little perfectionist child. I posted some pics of the book. I linked to where you can buy it ( and I know that at least 7 people did just that).

Yesterday I found a comment that must have come after that blog and I somehow missed it, saying I should be careful, saying I had breached copyright by posting some photos of the book on my blog, saying I could be fined ( a huge amount as well) and that I was a hypocrit as I have on my blog "dont take my photots without permission". That I should watch myself.

In my defense, I had no idea I couldnt post photos of a book page. Ive seen it all the time on blogs. I have the copyright on my photos so people dont take the photos of my kids. Someone once took some photos of Jumeirah in her ballet costume and sent them to some dancer in Russia to have in her "collection" and I felt really weird about it.
So now I feel flat. And Im not really sure I want to blog at all anymore. I know, its not much, and really, I am open to critism having a blog in the world at all, but I really dont want to ever get slapped with some fine or whatever when I didnt know and my blog is supposed to be harmless and ultimately, just for me.

So Im here, but not sure if I want to be.....

How do you cope with blog critism? Or have any of you been slapped like me?


  1. Some people just like to spend their lives complaining. Don't you worry another single moment about it. If you were completely bagging the product and telling people it's rubbish, don't buy it wah wah wahhhh then yeah, they may have a problem... but a Mom's blog about how good it was and where to buy it?!?!?! You have no problem.

    Whoever posted that comment - get another hobby, preferably one that doesn't upset people. And take a good hard look at your motivation behind trying to stomp someone down.

    Karina, your blog rocks it, you rock, your family rocks and we love you guys heaps.

    Please don't stop the blogging, please don't stop, please don't stop the blogging (sounds heaps better sung to tune of the Rhianna song...)

  2. I agree with the above! don't stop blogging just because some bossy twit leaves a nasty comment.
    You blog is fab!

  3. Uh Oh Pioneer Mama...would you be infringing on the copyright of the Rhianna tune you are singing to? Hahaha totally joking and taking the piss out of the loser that scared you Karina. Don't even think twice about them, it's obvious that they are jealous about your super creativity, gorgeous kids and ability to be a supermum!!

    Peachy :)
    I don't even have kids and I am obsessed with your blog. So many things that inspire me to create. Keep on making it Mumma! xxx

  4. Hello.. i never posted here before but i had to post in reply to this.. please dont let a sad indivual with baseless comments stop you from doing anything you set your mind on doing! You are anything but a hypocrite and the person who said so is just jealous of your amazing blog!

    As the previous comment says, please dont stop the blogging. I read your blog everyday even before i read the news hehe i even sometimes read it out loud to my hubby and he loves it too..

    You have a lovely wonderful family .. and inspire us all to be wonderful mothers! I actually wanted to write a comment before to suggest you should write a book with all your wonderful creative ideas .. i will be your first customer and buy one for every mother i know there..!

    Instead of posting useless comments..we all have to thank you for inviting us all into your beautiful wonderful family thank you for making my morning, and my husband, a cheerful one!

  5. oh karina. i'm so sorry. the thing is, that it WAS probably copyright infringement. BUT the other thing is that you didn't know it. and when you did, you addressed it and rectified the situation(i'm assuming, as i do not see the offending post). my main issue w/folks is that they are very quick to think the worst of others and resort to 'name calling' instead of quietly informing you of your error and taking it from there.
    on the flip side, this person who posted may be a songwriter or illustrator who has stuff 'taken' from them as well and they cracked and ungraciously judged you and took it out on you (i've known a few in that situation). either way, there is NEVER need to be rude.

    the bottom line is that people are broken. and it's sad.

    do NOT quit blogging. really. you are FABulous. and i agree w/the above poster that you should begin compiling a book. you have a drive that is rare in most people!
    looking forward to your next post,love....

  6. I'm in the US, so maybe there are different rules, but I don't see how offering free advertisement & a positive book review & helping them to sell books could be seen as copyright infringement. You gave the author credit for the work and obviously were encouraging us to buy the book. That's why they are concerned about copyright infringement here, if people are trying to take credit for someone else's work or posting too much information about the work so that it isn't necessary to purchase the material because you've already seen the whole book. I don't think you did anything wrong. I would have never known about that book otherwise and I am really interested in it now as a resource for my own children & my students! You do an amazing job as a mom & a blogger. Please don't stop blogging, I love your ideas!

  7. I agree with all of the above.
    The person probably has gotten burned in the past with copyright infringement. I have taken pictures of books to share on my blog, sometimes with the company's permission, sometimes not. I never share the entire book. If they came after your blog, they ever came after you for that it would be ridiculous since you were endorsing their book and recommending it.
    Copyright infringement is meant for other offenses. Take a deep breath and just keep blogging. Look at all of the support you have.

  8. I am glad you are still blogging and keep up the great work! We all are learning as we go along and sometimes people just don't word things in ways that are very kind. Now - I am going to go post that really cute idea you have about making sponge-painted paper on twitter and facebook because it is so stinkin cute!!

  9. You gave the book credit - you didn't say "hey look.. here's this book I wrote and drew the illustrations for!" so it is fine if you post it on your blog. It's exactly the same as if someone used it as a reference in a school paper. As long as you reference it, or say what it is and who made it, you can post pictures of it all you want!!!
    now if you transcribed it and posted it for all to read without having to buy it, that's another story. But as a Mom.. I doubt you have that kind of time!

  10. So now I'm really interested in what book it was? LOL! Regardless, I see books ALL.THE.TIME on blogs with links to where to buy. I don't see the big deal but maybe it is different where you are but here in the US it's done all the time. I know people can't play songs on the their blogs as that gets iffy at times and the blog owner can get in trouble but never for sharing a great book idea with other moms. Love your blog, keep up the good work and don't let others steal your sunshine :)

  11. Under copyright laws you can copy/reproduce a certain amount under the "fair use" section, which includes educational and reviewing purchases so I highly doubt you broke any laws. Feel free to give the person my details and I'll argue with them and don't you stress at all hun!! Mel x