Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas tree decorating ( a mini version)

Why is it always the simplest things I set up in a moments notice that my kids love so much more than the craft I slave over????

Yesterday, we took a trip to the craft shop, just Jared, Amahli and me. We had to get some things to make Jumeirahs teacher a Christmas pressie and it had to be done by Wednesday ( thus the lack of blog yesterday.. sorry). The materials for the angel were all on special so it didnt cost me much at all but some time and patience. ( both of which I am lacking but dug deep to complete the mission :) )

On the way out of the craft shop, Jared stopped at the mini Christmas trees and asked if we could have one for our table. Sadly, the big one isnt up yet.. we normally wait until after Jumeirahs birthday, then wait a bit more, a bit more, then panic cos its not up still, then do it. Think we are about half way through this process currently. And so, seeing they were half price, I was struck with an idea.
Amahli had gotten stuck way back in the christmas decorations and came finally down to meet me with her own basket someone had kindly given her( thanks very much) full of christmas things.
And so, I culled some and bought half of them, all at half price, plus Jareds tree. It cost my a total of $5.25.
And we took it home and set up this little table activity.

Half done angel...
Now, I dont know about you, but the tree is one of the most exciting things about getting ready for Christmas. Until you have kids. Then it becomes one of the biggest annual disasters you'll ever have.
Tree: notorious for eye gouging, leg scratching and is generally taller than your living room roof.
Christmas decos: often are a hundred years old, made of fine glass and shatter when squeezed by chubby 2 yr old hands.
Tinsel: shreds itself all over the floor even before its made it to the tree. Also makes a great pulley for a quick 4 yr old christmas tree dismantle. And dont even get me started on lights......
Today, I had one tiny tree, NO tinsel, NO lights, 30 decorations all made from felt or plastic, and TWO very happy children.

They spent ages tressing that little tree, discussing what should go where, how to hang things, working together. Jared was so proud of himself for completing it. Amahli was more content in DE tressing it and was just as proud when she had finished.

It made no mess, caused no fights and took me less than 5 minutes to set and and pack away...think I can get away with only having this one up this year????? Lets see :)

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  1. I bet you could do it. When winter comes break it out again, then you can have Christmas like we do in the Northern Hemisphere. ;-) We have snow right now and Cole is asking if it will stay until Christmas. I'm sure we will get more before then.