Friday, December 3, 2010

Cake Toppers with FIMO

Nothing fixes my crabby baby than cuddling up with her big sister :)

Today, my biggest angel turned 6. SIX! Thats just crazy... Today was also her school Christmas Concert so I got to sit and watch 12 million littles do some cool dancing and singing and generally have a wonderful time on a stage :)

Jumeirah, loves birthday time for many reasons. But one of the main reasons is she likes to challenge me. Anyone who knows me knows I cant really cook that well. But what I lack in flavour and decent taste, I can make up with how it looks. And when it comes to cakes, I am a master. Actually no, thats pretty untrue, I just cant resist a challenge.
It all started a way back when Jumeirah turned 3 and she requested a Snow White cake. Sure! I said. No worries! And the promptly panicked.
I had a crack at making it all out of fondant, you know that sugar icing stuff. But I am incredibly warm blooded and it kept melting, and annoying the crap out of me so I ate that. I then had another thought, why not fimo??? I could make it waaay before the party, have it sitting in the shelf, then just place it all together on the day!! And so I went to Spotlight, bought a truck load of the stuff and got to work.

A few hours in front of the tv, I had Snow White and 7 dwarves.

Last years fairy cake

For todays school cakes she asked for little girls and butterflies... and so a few days ago, in the space of a a couple of hours, I made these little beauties. And its really easy!

First, I rolled the FIMO into an egg shape and flattened the top and bottom for the body. Long snake shapes for legs and arms, flattened slightly at the ends for hands and feet. the head is rolled as a ball, also slightly flattened at the face, and then placed on top pf the body. I made two tiny eyes with black fimo and stuck them on. The hair ( my main attraction and probably the part I was stressing about most) I warmed up yellow FIMO and pushed it through a playdough toy.

You could use a garlic press if you dont have anything else. I then curled each strand of yellow hair around a thin stick and then stuck each curl onto a girls head. 2 hours and 6 girls later, they are happily enjoying a sauna experience and then they were done. Cupcakes I did at stupid O'clock last night, the butterflies are edible and came in a packet. So I was able to just put the whole thing together so quickly at the end and she ABSOLUTELY love it :)

I totally recommend using FIMO for cake decorating. Its easy, you can do it ages ahead and best of all, you can keep your creations for play later!

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  1. Those little girls are so cute. You did a fantastic job! I love the previous cakes, too. What a neat way to have a keepsake from that birthday, too. Thanks for the great idea!