Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas dresses

One of our gorgeous Christmas Baubles we made last week :)

I blame my mother for tonights Christmas disasters.. hopefully they will look better on than they do right now.... Growing up, my mum made my sister and I matching dresses every year for Christmas. Sometimes the fabric was different colours, but we always matched in style. I thought it would be fun to carry on this tradition with my own two girls by doing to same thing.
So, about a month ago, I trotted off to Spotlight and found the most gorgeous fabrics, one in green and one in red. Similar, but different.

About three weeks ago, I found a great pattern online,(Indietutes) printed it out, and had it all ready to go. (go check out this tute, its really easy to follow)
Last night, with now only 4 days to go, I decided to begin this project.

Didnt have enough fabric to cut a front and a back in the right size for Jumeirah. Spent 2 hours trying in vain to make it work. Somehow, at 11pm, I did something sort of right and then cut it. Went to bed, freaking out about how I just ruined such gorgeous material.....

Tonight I have:
Become best friends with my Quick Unpick

Taught myself to make bias binding my own style. i.e. not by cutting the fabric on the bias. That would be too sensible.

I taught myself this after I completely failed at Amahli's straps for her dress. And no, Im not changing it now!

Swore at fabric that really did nothing wrong. Was very tempted to wake them both up at almost midnight to try them on :) ( I didnt, but it was close) And finally, finished two dresses that may or may not have worked and will have to see in the morning... These are the final results.

Really, the pattern and tutorial was really easy and clear. Im just incredibly hopeless at sewing :)
Here too, is the little buddy doll I made for Jared. Hes really cute, you just have to ignore what looks like two bad scars from mole removals on his face... his eyes were so low I had to redo them. Twice :)
Hes currently still pantless, because I cant find a saftey pin the thread his elastic in. It will be fixed tomorrow!!
And here is the eclipse in Australia... nothing too spectacular as we had sea mist to contend with but I was pretty awed by the fact that my American buddies we check it out too :) One of those " we see the same moon" moments :)

Anybody else crafting RIGHT before christmas???

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  1. I think the dresses look fabulous. You are a great seamstress, you need to give yourself more credit. If we lived closer, we could sew together while the kids played.
    I did do some last minute sewing/crafting. I decided the dogs needed dog beds. So I just threw together some with some onhand fabric. I put stuffing and a little bit of cedar chips (to keep them from smelling) in them. I got them finished, though.
    I do still need to sew the kids "candy" stockings together. That might get done Christmas Eve night at the rate I am going.