Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas gifting

We had a large case of the crazies today.. three children, high as kites for THE ENTIRE DAY.
I have no idea what I fed them to create such skyrocketing but they were feral with hysteria most of the day....
For the few moments that they were reasonably down to earth, I got them out some things to create to give as presents from themselves. Christmas has become so much abotu what you get, my kids are forever being asked "Whats Santa bringing you?" but I want them to experience the pure joy of giving as well.

They were happy to paint on tree shapes to add to the christmas wrapping.

Jareds even had lights!

We started our thumbprint Christmas cards..

Amahli was also pretty thrilled with the addition to the Christmas rice: letters. For each letter she found, we worked together to find something that started with that letter. Jared too, got pretty involved with this one :)

Jumeirah had asked for canvassess to create some more Kandinsky style paintings, and also she got busy this morning making thumbprint Christmas tree cards. ( will show finished products tomorrow).

And for those of you who were worried about the disasterous dresses from yesterday??? I fixed em. I fixed em good :)

Tomorrow will be the last bloggy day for the year!!! Its Christmas Eve Eve!

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  1. The dresses look great. Such gorgeous girls. I can't wait to see the next post.