Monday, December 6, 2010

simple set ups

Its hot here today... not completely summer hot, but its got that warning in the air that its coming :( I dont do summer well. In fact, Amahli at one point may have been called "Summer" but thought she might get a complex when all her mother complains about is how much she hates summer ;) So today, for my well and truly, we-did-too-much-all-we-want-to-do-is-watch-tv tired children, I set up a really cool outdoor play area which is so simple but kept them busy for ages... you dont need a lot of space or props, but a few things from the $2 and they were busy all morning. I needed to clean the back covered area bit for them first. School holidays are fast approaching (HOORAY!!!!) and I want them to be outside and playing for most of it so I thought if I clean it up and set it up it should last for awhile, right?? Right! And this is what was set up.

A paddling pool with letters in it for fishing. ( Both loved loved loved this idea!)

A two sided water trough with" things that need water" in it. Amahli loved this one.

Book corner
And me? I sat with my feet in the pool and enjoyed their happy company :)

Areas like these are easy to create and can be changed as often as you like. This one will last us a few days before I have to change things around. But all three of them love being able to play for as long or as short as they like, to pick and choose, to add to, to get wet and to have fun :)

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