Thursday, December 2, 2010

sometimes they know better

This week, Jumeirahs final end of year assignment has been to do a project on whatever sea creature she wants. She can present it any way she likes, whether it be a written, painted, created or whatever she likes.
Earlier in the week, she chose to do Seahorses. I tried to convince her to do the cool squid we have been looking at on Google, The Mimic Octopus, but no, she wants to do Seahorses.

And so she came up with a whole heap of brilliant ideas. And so did I.
Again, I tried to talk her into making an actual sea scape with Fimo seahorses, seaweed and sand in a jar. I subtley suggested how cool that would be. I made the damn Sea horses for her to go in it.

And then I smacked myself in the head, realising yet again, I was taking over. And I have absolutely no need to. This kid is clever, creative, smart and bright. She is completely capable of creating a brilliant whatever-she-wants. And so I told her, I would get her whatever she needed, and I would help IF and when she needed it.

Yesterday, without telling me what she was doing, she asked for waterpaint and a pencil. She began to draw on a large piece of cardboard in pencil a gorgeous Seahorse. I asked if she needed help, she didnt.
She then traced the pencil with a black texta and asked for help to write her facts on. I read them out, she wrote. I didnt even comment when letters started heading downhill, I just focused on the fact that she is only 5 and doing a great job.

She then told me I could cook dinner ( gee thanks) whilst she painted.
And this is the finished project.

Its just beautiful. Completely done by her and it shows. Theres no marks of a perfectionist mum on it anywhere and I LOVE IT.
Its a hard road for me to learn... I so want her to achieve anything and will probably work hard to not let her fail. But I also need to let her accomplish things herself too.
Because sometimes her ideas and final outcomes are so much better than mine :)

Last day of 5 :)


  1. I love the picture of your big girl. She is so smart, creative, and beautiful. I believe I know exactly where she gets it from. :-)