Thursday, December 9, 2010

loved :) / christmas paper

Wow. Totally not the response Id thought Id get! Looks like my bloggy days are not done yet ;)
Thankyou to those whose comments made me feel a ton better, to those who are reading about this little tribe of mine.
I feel loved :)

And so, with that, I gained Christmas cheer with renewed vigour, much to the worry of my two littles....
Today, I set up a easy Christmas craft that will also save you MONEY!!
Have you done your Christmas shopping yet? Bought cards?? Did you remember the ridulously expensive paper??? I hope not! Cos this little craft is an easy way to make your own :)

I created two stamps using a old kitchen sponge and some random float-around-the-house-until-I-kick-them-under-the-lounge blocks.I cut the sponge into two Christmas trees but really you could cut any shape you like... stars, candy canes, santa if you were really clever...

I then glued them to the blocks and set out red and green paint to dip them in.

I am lucky enough to have a huge stash of big paper from when we moved house but you could use any paper you like. Go ask the local butcher for some. Bat eye lids, surely that should work!

I sat both kids down, and lay out the paper for them stamp on.

Such an easy craft, but it has great results and you get some great wrapping paper as well! Unfortunately, in my haste to do this, I didnt let the glue dry so the sponges came off, but they were still able to produce enough prints for at least 8 pressies so Im happy with that ;)

Thats one more thing off the list :)

Guess what I made for tomorrow??????

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  1. You can glue the sponges to large lids, too (like laundry detergent). Love the wrapping paper.
    I can't wait to see the rice! I was so inspired by your repeated references to your amazing rainbow rice, that I made some for my sensory table. I made it two months ago, but I will be blogging about it soon (if I ever get around to posting).