Friday, December 10, 2010

short and sweet.. but oh so Christmassy!!

Todays post is short and sweet.... I am trying ( and failing) to cope with the ridiculous flood of crafty ideas that my brain decided to bombard me with last night and am REALLY tired today :) But oh so inspired :)
All my kids are feeling the end of the year... its a struggle to get anyone out of bed before almost 8am ( sorry..) and most days we have a few outbursts of random tears ( not just from me!) from one if not all of us. Its getting hot and the weather is a bit draining.
So today, to calm my restless lot, I made a Christmas sensory box. I made the rice yesterday, just food colouring, hand sanitiser and rice. And yes, the red really is that bright ;).

I didnt fill it with stacks of stuff, I found in our house that less is best when it comes to sensory boxes. They can move things freely around, explore and run their fingers through it when its not chock full of things. So its got some pom poms, tinsel, and two ice cream tubs and scoops.

These boxes are a great way to calm down and release energy at the same time. My kids have learnt not to spray it all over the room, but they love the tactile fun it provides.

One for Jumeirah when she gets home cos she LOVES them too :)

You just have to be careful when you dye the rice you dont have a hole in the bag.... ;)


  1. How did you dye the rice? I saw you said rice, food coloring, and hand sanitizer??

  2. hehe it does sound strange but the santiser not only makes it dry really quickly, it also preserves it and keeps bugs out of it :)
    heres where I made it the first time with instructions :)

  3. So you thought you had a green thumb, huh? ;-)
    That really is funny. I hope the coloring doesn't stay on too long.