Tuesday, July 3, 2012

reusable nappies

Last week I put the editing aside for a little while and found Id been bitten with the "make something!!" bug. Fabric was calling, the machine was yelling from the cupboard, hauled it out and pondered over something cool to make.... when Amahli walked into the craft room, demanding I put a nappy on big Ted.

Now I have a serious problem with this. Amahli decided about 6 months ago to stop wearing nappies at night, just randomly, and that was it. The trouble was, I had JUST bought a new bag of nappies ( I believe she knew but had plans for nappies and so continued to pretend to need them until that day) and had no use for them. So I packed them away, thinking Id give them away at some point.
From that day until now ( well, pretty much) she comes to me, all dimples and sweet smiles, begging for me to put a nappy on big Ted. Trouble is, big Ted has gone through almost half a 40 piece box of nappies.... and Id had enough of finding them all over the house.

So when she came to me last week, I decided to make her some fabric nappies that would not only be reusable, but something she could put on and off herself!

I found some ideas on Pintrest ( this is my wall for those who need yet another thing to follow!) and liked the idea of this one by Happy Together. I didnt really want to use felt though as velcro tends to make it fray too quick, so I did a double layer with fabric and used velcro in the middle and two side edges.
The first one came together really pretty quickly and easily.... shame about the fact that I stitched the velcro on the wrong parts so its an inside out nappy ( if you know me at all this is a pretty normal first attempt), but the second one is right way out and very cute :)

Apparently now Hello Kitty, little dog and pooh bear all need them too so I shall be whizzing some more up shortly!!
As you can see its currently on Pooh Bear. Big Teds butt is too big and needs to go to the toddler size.... so Im told :)
Have you made something cool lately? Something youre proud of or that your kids loved? Why not share it below in the comments so we can all see!

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  1. My mom made me some with snaps when I was a little girl.
    I have not made anything cool lately. Oh wait. I made Cole a t-shirt that I added bias tape to to make it look like a martial arts gi. It turned out kind of cool and he loves it.