Monday, July 16, 2012

Board games :)

Technology, yup Im totally hooked. Its one of the first things I reach for when I wake up, and the last thing I do before bed ( and then again once I get into bed). I am connected 24/7 to the world. And last night I lay in bed for hours wondering whether it was a good thing for not only me, but for my kids to be learning this behaviour.... I dont want them to think that everyone else in the world is more important and worthy of my time than they are, and in turn I hope that they can show me that same respect when that time comes. I hate when people check phones and gadgets whilst talking to you, like Im not as important as whatever message or status update is happening.

 I was pondering the amount of Ipad, Iphone, Xbox etc time my kids have been having at night particularly before bed. Its that time I finally get to sit for a moment after a hectic afternoon, post the cooking rush, and they are more than happy to chill out with technology of some sort.

But yesterday, we took the kids to play at Shelley Beach, and half and hour into playing Jumeirah turns and asks, "Can I play with your phone?". I was totally shocked and looked up at the gorgeous view, the water, kids playing, and realised she is far too addicted for my liking and thats probably my fault. Its all too easy to check emails, facebook, pinterest from ANYWHERE and EVERYWHERE and our kids see us doing it and it becomes way too normal.

So today I made the conscious effort to NOT be connected through the day ( I was working anyway, so I dont log on whilst Im caring for other kids) especially at breakfast, and the afternoon when its so easy just to log on whilst sitting around with them hanging out.

Tonight I encouraged them into the world of Board Games.

Board games... you either love em or you hate em. I LOVE them :) Always have, always will.
I played alot as a kid, my folks always had alot in the house, and my grandmother taught me to play Othello so its my all time favourite. Its something I wish I could do more of but it can be tricky to find someone who loves as much as me ;)

Tonight I brought out  Monopoly Junior. Now, kids and board games are normally a recipe for frustration, tears and boredom ( mostly from me) but tonight  I was amazed at how much can be gleaned from a game of Monopoly for each kid at each age/stage..... and all three of them ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT :)

This is what you can get out of a Monopoly game:

Amahli ( aged 3): Counting, turn taking, hand eye coordination to roll dice ( and not have them scatter the pieces everywhere), and not sulking when you dont win ( MASSIVE achievement for this little one)

Jared (aged 5): Counting, working out how much money is needed to buy Ticket Booths ( like the property in the adult version) and working out things like $2 note and a $1 note equals $3. Patience for waiting for others to have their turn. ( little people take AGES to move spots, so it can be tricky when you are older and want to hurry them up)

Jumeirah ( aged 7): Counting and adding, game control in a non- commander way ( another tricky lesson when you are the oldest) sorting out basic money, transaction skills, decision making, patience.

Crazy that a half hour game could do so much good stuff!
So, dig out your games, leave your phones/computers/ gadgets in the other room... and focus on those right in front of you :)

What games do you play??

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